Vincent Torres
“Joseph is a professional at what he does. Great service. He gets the job done.”

Louise Champ (Watt)
“Joe is a great professional and the only person we trust and recommend to help with squirrel or raccoon issues. He’s very responsive, reliable, and friendly. He has fixed two squirrel nesting issues for us over the years and we are very grateful for his help!”

“Joe was great to work with, very polite and fast with his work. He arrived quickly & removed a huge skunk from our yard and was on his way. We were all happy to know he relocates the animal back into wildlife where they deserve to be. Would absolutely recommend and use again. Thanks Nuisance Solutions”

Emily Terrani
“Joe was very responsive and communicative. He was very professional and kind to the skunk we needed removed and relocated from the premises. Highly recommend.”

Jonathan Gale
“Joe at Nuisance Solutions was great! We called him due to a skunk issue and Joe responded very quickly to set up traps. Joe used special skunk traps to humanely keep the skunk calm and contain spraying. Joe’s traps worked perfectly and he returned to pick up the skunk shortly after we texted him that one of the traps was sprung. Joe was really communicative. We will definitely use Joe and Nuisance Solutions in the future if we have any other issues.”

Kristina Petry
“Joe is the best. I emailed him about a feral cat that had gotten into my house. He called me back right away. He even worked around my work schedule and came in the evening to humanely catch the cat so she/he could be brought to a no-kill shelter. I highly recommend Joe! Very professional, knowledgeable, and quick.”

Nathan Sidaoui
“If you are looking for animal control guy , you need to stop looking, Joe is the guy for the job. He’s professional and caring. He provided quick service and great results.
We had racoons in our warehouse every night. We called him at 9am, and by 12 o’clock that day he came and set up 6 traps. He then continued to call and text every few hours for updates. At 7am the following day he called me to get updates and when I told him that some of the traps are closed he came within the hour and removed 4 raccoons. He left some traps for an extra day just in case. He did such a great job that he got all of them on the first try. He humanely released the raccoons back into the wild. I got great service with a great company. 6 stars.”

Richard Bambach
“I saw 4 Raccoons that had ripped through my storm door and decided to make a home up in the ceiling of my porch. Joe and Rocky came by the same day, assessed the situation, and set their traps. After two days, my porch was vacated. They were very quick and knowledgeable, and I am very satisfied with the results. Thanks guys!”

Chris Casey
“I recently had the pleasure of working with Joe and Rocky from Nuisance Solutions, and I can confidently say that they are true professionals in their field. They were able to successfully remove a raccoon and its four babies from my ceiling, using their expertise to lay traps and carefully extract the animals without harm.

Throughout the entire process, Joe and Rocky were incredibly attentive and communicative, keeping me informed every step of the way. They were also very easy to work with, taking the time to answer all of my questions and addressing any concerns that I had.

While I was impressed with their ability to remove the raccoons, I do have to mention that the cleanup process was not as tidy as I had hoped. They did cut holes in the ceiling without laying tarps or covers, and this caused a lot of dust and debris to spread throughout my home. However, I do want to be fair and say that they did warn me ahead of time that they wouldn’t be responsible for the cleanup.

Overall, I highly recommend Nuisance Solutions for their effective animal control services. Just be sure to have a cleanup crew ready to come in once they’re finished, and they could do more to control the dust during the removal process. Joe and Rocky were a pleasure to work with, and I would give them five stars for their professionalism, expertise, and communication.”

T. Eastmond
“Joe is the best person for handling wildlife issues. I have been using his services over the few years and there is no one better than Joe. Our most recent issue included baby raccoons and though there were very difficult circumstances, Joe found a way. At first we thought we could handle it ourselves but after two weeks I called in Joe and it was handled immediately. Joe will never let you down. Thank you Joe!”

“After hiring two different companies and hearing a multitude of complaints from our tenants over the past two months, the only company that was successful in helping us with our Racoon problem was Nuisance Solutions.
We had a horrific experience with two previous extermination companies.
Both companies charged me upfront an exorbitant amount of money… and never followed through…. Including leaving the incorrect traps on areas of the house that didn’t need to be there. It was infuriated when I found this out.
Nuisance Solutions was timely, responsive, thoughtful and smart about how to go about removing raccoons from the attic.
I would highly recommend their services 10 out of 10. Also a great guy.”

Armando Crescenzi
“We live in the top floor of a two-story house with a pitched roof. But it sounded like a family of 4 was walking around upstairs. Seeing raccoons has become a regular thing. So we figured that’s what it was. We were waiting for the landlord to get rid of them. While we were waiting these raccoons became more and more brazen; digging through the porch wall and the fighting each other. These cute little guys are ferocious when they are angry.
The last straw was when we heard them clawing and digging upstairs. It sounded like they would get through the wall in a few minutes. We called Nuisance Solutions and Joe came over right away. Joe set traps and the first night we caught one and 2 more later that week. If you have raccoons or any other wildlife pests then call Joe to get rid of those flea bitten varmints.
He is an expert in wildlife pest control, fully licensed and a real professional.”

Dyanand Sugrim
“My tenants in the Bronx contacted me at 10PM showing a family of raccoons hanging out on the roof and making their way inside the roof through the soffit. I immediately searched the web and contacted Joseph at Nuisance Solutions. After a few questions and sharing of pictures and videos, Joe informed me that he will be at my residence at 8AM the following day. The following morning, Joe conducted a survey and determined the location and number of traps needed to take care of my raccoon issue. Joe assured me he has the expertise to resolve the issue, and he was right! I highly recommend Joe and Nuisance Solutions for the following reasons:
– Extremely Knowledgeable- Joe baited his traps and surrounding areas with special raccoon treats. To my surprise, the traps were empty and the treats were untouched the following morning. Joe calmed my anxiety and reassured me by offering various solutions including cameras and various traps, if necessary.
– Trustworthy- My family and I had to leave on vacation and I was not able to meet with Joe on the third morning but Joe remained committed. Joseph called me at 8AM daily (I actually appreciated a daily 8AM call and text from Joe while on vacation), to provide an picture update. In my absence, on day 3, Joe caught two raccoons. On day 4, he snagged three kits but the mother was still missing. Joe persisted and was able to trap mom on day 5.
– Professional- Joe reported to my property at 8AM on a daily basis, with or without me! After we were sure Joe addressed the problem, he left the traps a couple of additional days to ensure we didn’t have any additional family members around and even caught an opossum.
– Peace Of Mind- My family and I were on vacation, in case you missed it earlier and we had a great time!!! I didn’t have to worry about the raccoon problem, as Joe was on the case. Should you find yourself in this or a similar situation, save yourself the trouble, stop the internet search, and call Joe from Nuisance Solutions.”

Chuang Family
“I’ve had experience with other wildlife control services, and hands down, Joe is the best. Very responsive but more importantly, he catches the critters fast! Maybe it the trade secret bait he uses! I had raccoons in my attic and boom, he got them all the first night. Joe knows his stuff. Highly recommended!”

“Great job by Joe. Got my unwanted visitor (raccoon) out like if it was a joke! Better yet. Sealed all my vents to make sure I don’t get them again. Great response time also and available 24 hours.”

Tisha Tucker
“Thank goodness for Joe!!!! I called Joe at 10:30 pm on a Thursday night desperately looking for help in catching a racoon that was INSIDE my tenants apartment. Joe asked a few poignant questions, came over right away and assessed the best approach to catch the racoon. I was so stressed and worried that it wouldn’t be caught, but Joe did it! Both my tenant and I let out a huge sigh of relief when the racoon was safely in a cage. Joe is clearly an expert and is not only highly competent but cares about trapping and removing animals in a safe, responsible and humane way. I am SO THANKFUL to Joe for his help and would absolutely hire him again. Thank you Joe!”

Troels Erichsen
“Look no further. Joe and Nuisance solutions is the one you want.
I had Raccoons in my attic in the Bronx. Joe came out and quickly identified where they were coming in. He trapped the roof and we caught the culprit the same night. Joe suggested we leave the traps for a few more days just to make sure and we caught another one in my backyard.
Throughout the process Joe has been very responsive and happy to share his knowledge. He will call and check, come out and look and just make sure the job is done properly. After he took the traps down from my roof he made what he called a temp solution for where they came in. His temp solution is better than most permanent fixes. I just need to get a metal top on the roof vent instead of my old plastic top. (Joe sealed the vent with mesh wire so I am sure no other critter will come in that way.)
Joe is a craftsman. He is good at his job and he takes pride in it. He also cares deeply about the animals so even though he wants them out he will make sure it is done in a proper way.
If I get a problem with critters again I will use Joe for sure and I have no hesitation in recommending him for any Nuisance animal you may have. Don’t waste your time, Call Joe.”

Jennifer Tosi-Ramirez
5stars“Joe came quickly and removed a bird from my mother’s bathroom vent. It had gotten its head stuck in one of the holes. Joe was able to gently and safely free the bird and it flew away. Very professional and knowledgeable. We highly recommend him to anyone in need of pest removal services!”

Mohammad Zaryab
5stars“Really nice service. I had a squirrel issue in my attic. Joe came in the next day, placed some cages in the access areas, and resolved the problem the same day. Just to ensure that no other animals were present, he let me keep the cages there for about a week with no worries. The best thing about him is his responsiveness. He responds to texts and is active about it. Really nice guy too!
UPDATE: Joe is truly awesome. A bird got stuck in a wall of my house. It was a bit of an emergency situation because the bird could have died. I called Joe around 8pm which seemed pretty late, but he came up to Yonkers around 9pm and freed the bird via a small hole (less than the size of a smartphone).”

Domani H
5stars“Very happy and satisfied customer. We originally hired another company to deal with the raccoons in my attic and they were horrible. Joe came in and in one day (24 hours) removed the raccoons. Other company couldn’t get in done in 2 weeks! Call Joe for your critters 🙂 Highly recommended.”

Jamie Achong
5stars“Joe is awesome!! He caught 8-10 squirrels at our home. He was very patient and kind. He stuck it out with us until the job was done. He always kept in contact to see how everything was going. He will definitely be my go to person in a these situations, and I would highly recommend him to other family and friends.”

Lina Marin
5stars“We had an issue with a raccoon that fell through our ceiling around 4am on a Sunday morning. While the raccoon stayed in our living room i tried calling everyone i could think of that might help: local animal control, 311, the police department, etc. even the businesses that claimed to be 24/7 operations were not responsive. Finally around 630am I found “nuisance solutions” and got in touch with Joe. After asking a few simple questions he was at out home in queens within an hour. We were SO grateful to have found Joe. He got straight to work, was very nice and charged a very fair price. He actually had to remove 3 raccoons that were hiding in our living room. We were also happy to know that he cared about the well being of the animals and did not hurt them. We would highly recommend Joe to anyone and will call him again if we need to.”

Jennifer Brosius
5stars“Called Nuisance Solutions after a lot of dead end calls trying to get help with raccoons that had taken over my yard. A mother and her three babies had made their den under my small deck and the smell and safety concerns had become unbearable! Spoke to Joe who was extremely knowledgeable and professional. His pricing is more than reasonable and his experience is exceptional. He came as soon as I called; with knowing there were 4 to be caught he set out 6 traps just to be sure. All 4 were caught in the traps by the next morning and Joe came quickly to collect them. If you need help with wildlife removal like raccoons look no further than Joe and Nuisance Solutions!
Thank you again for all your help!”

Mark Huza
5stars“Just call Nuisance Solutions! Joe arrived set up traps and our raccoon problem was quickly resolved. Professional, Prompt and Reasonable.”

Jayssie Teh
5stars“This is the second times Joe help us to remove the Raccoons. He is very experience and responsible on what he did. He came on the same day after I called. After set up the traps, he called everyday and make sure it catch up anything. If it is, he will definitely stop by and pick it up. I’m so lucky that I found him in Yelp. It will be worst if he didn’t come right away. Because one of the Racoon is pregnant. Thank you Joe for what you did!!!”

T.J. Heckman
5stars“Joe did a fantastic job! Prompt response, exceptional communication, and rectified our raccoon issue. All trapped animals were treated humanely with great care. Joe knows his business and I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring animal removal.”

Evan Shulman
5stars“We had a strange occurrence. Woke up to a bat in our bedroom, in a coop apartment which we own in Forest Hills. Bat was discovered at 3am. We woke up to something flapping loudly in the bedroom. Scared the heck out of us. My wife and I ran out of the room and shut the door. After sunrise, we searched high and low for the bat but it was gone! (so we thought). I called around to dozens of “pest / wildlife removal service” companies. So many shady people out there who I had to filter through. Several companies were unlicensed but said they could help catch the bat without a problem. No thanks to them. I kept searching and finally found Joe at Nuisance Solutions. He explained the rabies risk with bats and the need to consult with the Dept. of Health. He contacted them to report the case and then made himself available rather quickly to come help me out. On arrival, I sort of jokingly questioned Joe as to how he can find the bat if I already looked everywhere. Joe looked at me with a sense of confident and said “I will find that bat.” Well, less than 10 minutes in our bedroom and Joe starts shouting that he got him! Bat was found and caught. I don’t know how he did it but he truly saved our day. He personally took the bat to the Dept of Health where it is now undergoing testing to screen for rabies. We still don’t know how the bat entered our one bedroom apartment as we never open windows or leave the door open but at least he is gone. Joe was really our hero of the day. He was professional, extremely knowledgeable, friendly and worth every penny. Don’t hesitate to call him!”

Sheila Lopez
5stars“I highly recommend Nuisance Solutions. Joe of Nuisance Solutions is a true professional who is very knowledgeable and experienced. I had a squirrel stuck in the air vent (in the bathroom). Joe came by the same day I called, and rescued the trapped squirrel. I truly want to thank Joe for his service. Thanks to him the squirrel was rescued, and placed back in the wild.”

Catherine Pezzullo Inserillo
5stars“Nuisance solutions is the best! Joe is professional while being humane to the animals. I recommend him to everyone.”

Lorraine Letizia
5stars“Joe is great at what he does! We had a small raccoon trapped on our window sill for a few hours. Not sure if he was trapped or just resting there, we let him be. We finally realized that he was in fact trapped and my husband called Joe. He was here in 5 minutes and removed the small raccoon very fast. Highly recommend – very professional, efficient, and courteous!”

Auto Approval Center — Bronx, NY
5stars“I truly want to thank Mr. Joe for his services and him liberating my attic in my business office from what turned out to be 8 raccoons nesting there, stinking the place up, making all types of noise and destroying the insulation. Within the first day we caught one and he told me confidently that by the next day we should get them all. Sure enough just as he said we did and my noisy and annoying neighbors got evicted to upstate New York for them to live out there lives in the wild.. I called other places before I found Joe online and they all were asking more and tried to convince me to go thru a long process with my insurance company so they can get more money, Joe just showed up and without even asking for a penny went up to the attic and took care of business catching them immediately. Truly genuine and a master of his craft. Thx Joe! ?”

Phillip Y. – Manhasset, NY
5stars“Joe helped me trap 16 raccoons, 3 possums, and 6 squirrels over a 7 day time frame. He is a master trapper, and got rid of the raccoons knocking over, and breaking the garbage cans. I highly recommend him for getting rid of any unwanted animals. He is responsive, professional, and timely. Best trapper ever!”

Chris Anthony —
5stars“AMAZING! So I had a raccoon problem for a LONG TIME. Finally decided to do something because my mom started developing bad respiratory infection. Called this company and hoped for the best. WOWOWOWOW! It took a few weeks but he got it DONE! First of all, he is always constantly texting and calling to see if you need him to come by immediately (if a raccoon gets caught in a cage). Secondly, he does it with respect for the life of the animal! He loves his job and you can tell. He caught skunks, possums, and raccoons. Ultimately, I think we had something like 10 raccoons living in our roof. It was horrible! FINALLY GONE! ANNNDDDD HE FIXED THE ROOF HOLE! He is such a handyman. I love this guy. I’m studying for the Bar exam right now but I will have to call him and arrange a fishing day. He has stories that come with his job that I’d love to hear for days. Anyway, sorry for the long review but I have to say that this is the best customer service and company you can go to for a raccoon problem. He is 5 stars and more. Love this guy!”

Tish E. —
5stars“OMG! Joe is the best!
Not only did he respond the same night that I heard the racoon rumbling around, he came out the next morning to set up.
His rates are reasonable and he goes above and beyond.
He baited the traps and checked them to be sure I wasn’t surprised (ok frightened) when I got home.
I wish I had known sooner that Joe seals up the entry spaces…only because I paid a contractor who did a poor job the first time. That’s ok, because Joe will fix that other guy’s job and the other holes that may be potentials.
Thanks Joe for giving me my backyard back in time for the 3-day weekend!”

Richard B – Brooklyn, NY
5stars“My fiancé and I had a mama squirrel chew her way into our soffits under the eves of the roof, and give birth to a bundle of squirrels about three weeks ago. We got Joe’s contact through a trusted neighborhood friend and invited Joe to come and evaluate the situation. We weren’t sure what we had on our hands at first, so Joe set up traps around the house and caught the mama squirrel first. He then helped us get all the young squirrels out from where they were. Joe went above and beyond to get the job done. This was no typical job, he got all six young squirrels out either by trapping them or catching them personally! By catching we mean on top of a 12 foot ladder and trying to grab them with his bare hands. He came back to the house many times to help finish the job and literally did whatever was necessary to ensure that this job was completed. Joe was very personable, reasonable and reassuring that he would help us when we felt like we were never going to catch them all. At times it felt like the squirrels would never stop multiplying but Joe’s knowledge and expertise was just what we needed and we are glad we had Joe help us take care of the situation. I highly recommend him, so stop losing sleep over these rodents that sound like they are invading your home at night and call Joe ASAP!!! Joe Thank you Thank you and Thank you again for your relentless help. I was losing sleep and my sanity with these squirrels and he did not stop coming until the problem was done. Thanks a million.”

Athiba Phillip —
5stars“If you are looking for a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced individual with reasonable prices, then Joe is the guy to call. We recently had an issue with a raccoon getting into the roof and then the walls of our home. We found Nuisance Solutions online and called Joe. He was prompt, professional and friendly. He caught the raccoon within less than 20 minutes of his arrival at our home. The only regret we have is not calling Joe sooner. Hopefully, we don’t have another raccoon issue, but if we do Joe is the only person we’d trust to handle it.”

Joe DeLuca —
5stars“Used them years ago and was rid of my raccoon problem. Great service and best priced.”

Arnold Goldberg —
5stars“Did a great job getting rid of wood chucks and plugging up holes to prevent future infestation”

Gerald Doherty —
5stars“Extremely professional, humane and knowledgeable. I first called Joe last December when I spotted a couple raccoons. He caught the first raccoon in less than an hour. I called him again recently when I spotted another, and the trap was set within a few hours. Thanks, Joe!”

Donna Maria —
5stars“Excellent Service ! Professional ! Courteous ! … Thank u Joe
Donna & Paul”