Looking for a solution for the wildlife that has become a nuisance at your home or business?  Look no further… we are the leader in Nuisance Solutions and utilize environmentally safe and humane wildlife removal.  We offer a free inspection of your animal control problem by our NYS Licensed Animal Control Operators Lic. # 170.

Wildlife that takes up residence on your property can cause serious property damage and can be dangerous and spread diseases to humans as well as their pets.  Our professional service safely removes all types of wildlife and relocates them to their natural habitat that is not near any residential areas or  place it with a rehabilitator to be cared for until they are ready to be released back into the wild. We are experienced in analyzing the home to find the problem areas that allow such nuisances to invade your property and offer proactive methods to avoid future problems.

We are experienced in dealing with all types of wildlife including…

•    Raccoons
•    Bats
•    Snakes
•    Squirrels
•    Birds
•    Bees/Wasps
•    Groundhogs
•    Beavers
•    Opossums
•    Deer
•    Coyotes

We employ humane animal control methods such as trapping (use of live traps) or exclusion devices or hand removal of nuisance animals from your home, garage, building or business.  We offer reasonable prices which include a flat set up fee and per animal removal fee for each animal captured.  The set up fee includes daily visits to check on traps and/or re-baiting of traps as needed for a period of 3-7 days depending on severity of problem.